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The lightweight & portable outboard engines from HIDEA rated from 5 HP offer a great value for money, if you are looking for a reliable solution to transport people in your tender, transfer goods over short distances or enjoy fishing day with your friends or family.


– Lightweight and easy to transport
– Great for car toppers, small fishing rigs, inflatables and tenders
– Comes standard with shallow water drive, an extremely useful feature when tackling rivers, estuaries and creeks
– Truly six layers of paint, good corrosion resistance
– Using the US brand PPG paint, a more beautiful exterior
– Anti-watergrass design, truly without wrapped water grass

- Comes with 3 year warranty.

- Includes Fuel tank, Tool kit and Fuel Connectors


General Features:
– Premix 50:1
– 2.5 L Built-in fuel tank
– 360 Steering
– F-N-R Shift
– Shallow water drive
– Thermostat cooling
– Splined prop shaft



Model: HD5FHS
Max. Output(kw): 3.7
Full Throttle Operating Range(rpm): 4500-5500
Stroke: 2
Cylinder: 1
Displacement(cc): 102
Bore x Stroke (mm): 55 x 43
Dimensions: 700mm (L) × 300mm (W) × 1010mm (H)
Weight(kg): 20
Gear Ratio: 27:13 (2.08)
Gear Shift Position: F-N-R
Ignition System: CDI
Cooling System: Water-cooling
Starting System: Manual
Control System: Tiller control
Lubrication System: Gasoline & Machine Oil
Regular Gasoline: 50:1
Capacity of Fuel Tank(L): 2.5

Hidea Outboard Motor 5hp 2-Stroke, Short Shaft HD5HS


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